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About Pamco

Candle is a symbol of light, progress, comfort and hope.Each and every color present on candles conveys a message to life.The bright yellow color symbolises of converting darkness and glowing your surroundings.Body of candle present in white color symbolises peace.They are also important part of many religious.Many festivals start by glowing candle to make darkness go away and as the candles brightens surrounding ,the same way people enchant to shower the brightness in their life.Candles are the special part of romantic candle light dinner,To brighten home,they also find place in many cultures.

We pamco industries are here to enlighten your life at each and every occasion of your life.Started in the year 1959 by B.R. Shekar Narayan .We are manufacturer and dealers of both candles and Wax used by many industries .We have wide range of products like wax candles, Tea-Light candles ,Wax floor polish,loomis wax, petroleum jelly,Molud releasing wax,table wax and also dealers in paraffin wax and other waxes.Wax are made use in moulding of idols,loomis wax used in textile industry,table wax used in printing of silk ,cotton sarees.We provide wax used in making lockets. Wax is also used for fitting nut in the furniture to make nut move  flexible and also used in glass designing and glass itching.

Candles are part of day today life.So when you plan to enlighten your life with brightness arround , pamco industries are here for you.


Wax Candles

We at PAMCO Industries manufacture tealight candles from optimum quality wax, cotton wick, additives and colorants.

Wax Candles

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